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10 Tips for great Wildlife Photography
Article Copyright © 2009 Deidre Heindl

1. Patience
You cannot rush a photo opportunity. It happens when it happens.

2. The wildlife is in charge
Be mindful that this is a wild animal and respect its’ personal space.

3. Listen & Be Prepared
If you are on a wildlife photography adventure, always be ready to take a photo. Also, keep in mind that if you are sitting there with your eye in the viewfinder with a tripod, you will often miss some amazing photo opportunities going on above and behind you.

4. Seriously, Be Patient
The wildlife is not waiting there for you to come and photograph it. ;-)

5. Walk Softly
Be as quiet and as slow as you can when moving around, so as not to startle any wildlife that may be right around the corner.

6. Eyes Are The Window to the Soul
The most striking wildlife images have the sharpest focus on the animals eye/s.

7. Watch Body Language
All animals, will give off warning signs that you are too close. Be mindful of these actions, and never corner an animal so that it has nowhere to go.

8. Practice Movement
Practice photographing wildlife moving/flying at home so that when that Great Blue Heron takes to flight, you don’t miss some amazing photos.

9. Take Natural Images
Take advantage of wildlife doing natural things. Some of the most beautiful images are things such as birds preening their feathers. Many people are not patient enough to wait to see this beautiful, natural action.

10. Be Courteous of Others
Be respectful of other people around you when photographing wildlife. There is no need to block someone’s shot or scare the wildlife away. We all have a unique eye & vantage point and the same animal photographed at the same time will never look the same through the lens.

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