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This page features several species of Crab Photo Prints that I offer.

Florida has many types of crabs on it's shorelines. The most commonly seen species on the Gulf Coast are Blue Crabs, Gulf Stone Crabs, Atlantic Horseshoe Crabs, and Fiddler Crabs. Both Stone Crabs and Blue Crabs are types of crab that are eaten locally as seafood.

Fiddler Crabs are too small to bother, but they're fun to watch! The male Fiddler Crabs have one claw that weighs up to 65 percent of their total body mass! The giant single claw is used to attract females, and in this case, size does matter. The ladies have been known to consider more than 100 mates before settling on a match. Aside from mate selection, the oversized claw just gets in their way.

All photographs are printed on Archival quality Kodak or Fuji premium photo paper, with longevity UltraChrome Ink, water, & light resistant for up to 80 years. All photo prints come hand-signed and numbered by the photographer and are Limited Editions out of 250 Prints made. They are also backed with a Certificate of Authenticity. Photo prints are shipped matted with an Archival quality mat board in a color that accents the piece. High-resolution photo scans are also available for purchase. Please email me for details and pricing.