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This page features several species of Eel Photo Prints that I offer.

Florida has many types of eels living off of it's shorelines. The most commonly seen species are Moray Eels.

Though it looks like a snake, the Moray Eel is, in fact, a type of fish.  The Moray Eel has historically had a dangerous reputation as being ravenous and capable of eating human flesh.  In reality however, the Moray Eel is relatively non-aggressive and will only attack when it is threatened.

Moral Eels have a elongated body and a large set of jaws containing sharp canines. Average body lengths are around 1-2 meters long, though some breeds will reach 3 meters in length. Moral Eels come in a variety of colors ranging from black to brownish to Yellow.

The Moray Eel feeds mainly on fish and crustaceans.

To avoid being accidentally bitten by a Moray Eel, Divers should always maintain proper buoyancy above coral reefs.  Do not feed Moray Eels because doing so trains the Eels to associate humans with food and potentially attack other swimmers and divers.

Moray Eels have a second set of jaws located in their throat, with teeth and all.  When they capture their prey, they launch this second set of jaws (called Pharyngeal Jaws) outward, which transports the unsuspecting victim down their throat and into their digestive system.

All photographs are printed on Archival quality Kodak or Fuji premium photo paper, with longevity UltraChrome Ink, water, & light resistant for up to 80 years. All photo prints come hand-signed and numbered by the photographer and are Limited Editions out of 250 Prints made. They are also backed with a Certificate of Authenticity. Photo prints are shipped matted with an Archival quality mat board in a color that accents the piece. High-resolution photo scans are also available for purchase. Please email me for details and pricing.