The Gulf of Mexico Oil Crisis : Images By Deidre Wildlife Photo Blog

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Crisis

by Deidre Heindl on 08/19/10

I know that this blog is supposed to be solely about wildlife photography, but since I live in Florida and photograph primarily Florida wildlife, it stands to reason that I am concerned.

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that they finally are filling the well so that further oil is not spilling into the Gulf by the millions of gallons.

That being said, I am now concerned about the chemicals that were sprayed, and continue to be sprayed to break up the oil. There were no long-term studies done on this stuff to know how it affects the wildlife both underwater and on land.

I am also concerned that now that the well is almost filled, they are immaturely removing the BP funded cleanup crews from affected areas. There are entire coastal fishing communities in Mississippi who are reporting that there is still oil and noxious fumes. When they try to put in their booms to soak up the oil and report that it is there, they are told that someone will come out to handle it. The problem is that either no one comes or, even worse, a privately contracted company from out of state sprays the untested chemicals on the affected area. It seems to the fishermen that the local elected officials have been paid to say that everything is OK. These areas have recently been opened back up for fishing! What happens when consumers buy the tainted seafood and get sick? How has that helped the local economy, the environment, or the consumers?

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